Our Projects

The Focus of Our Efforts


Education and Scholarships

Most of our efforts and resources at Azira Micheal Youth Foundation go towards investing in our student athletes. We work with local schools to establish scholarships for individuals recruited from our communities. For other kids, we provide them with tuition and school supplies that they need for their school. Once the residential facility is up and running we will add a reading, mentorship and character development programs. Join us in educating our student athletes by providing them with the needed resources to further their education.


Farming Program

Azira Micheal Youth Foundation has started developing its farm. The main purpose of the farm is to generate revenue, feed our student athletes and also teach them to how to grow food.


Residential Training Facility

The Azira Micheal Youth Foundation is currently fundraising to build a residential training facility. The purpose of the facility is to provide a safe an nurturing home for our student athletes. The Azira Micheal Youth Foundation will partner with local schools to provide academic scholarships, in addition to providing school supplies and meals.